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Bringing you the up to date information regarding your safety,
and transportation around the Kansas City area.


Bringing you the up to date information regarding your safety, and transportation around the Kansas City area.

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Discover the latest updates regarding wheelchair, bariatric and stretcher transports. Our blog covers transportation topics and answers questions you may have regarding safety measures and updates in protocol. For bariatric and stretcher transportation, Express Medical Transport is one of the most trusted companies in the the greater Kansas City area. We provide transport to all areas coupled by an unrivaled commitment to providing the safest, most comfortable, and cost-efficient bariatric, wheelchair and stretcher transports hands down.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vs. Calling 911

Knowing the difference in service of calling 911 versus benefiting from a non-emergency transport will help you when you are in need of medical transportation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Changes - COVID-19

Getting non-emergency medical transportation during normal times can be tricky. Express is here to help with clean and safe COVID-19 related transportations.

How to Choose the Best Medical Transportation in Kanas City

Six tips to help you get the best service possible in the greater Kansas City area.
In order to accommodate patients who require special needs transportation (those weighing from 400 – 1,200 pounds), Express Medical Transportation has one of the most durable Bariatric Stretcher manufactured by Stryker the POWER-PRO XT. This Cadillac of Bariatric stretchers safely lock in place, adjust to various reclining levels while providing the patient with safe and comfortable transportation. Our stretcher service is the best alternative solution to high priced ambulance service, but we do not compromise on safety and comfortability. Our staff is friendly, compassionate, and well trained in transferring patients from door to door. We have oxygen for people who need it during transport. We strive to provide reliable transportation for bariatric patients because we understand that transportation is key to getting the medical attention needed.

We offer stretcher transportation for patients that are unable to sit upright for medical or comfort reasons. We maintain a fleet of customized vans which have been specially modified to hold stretchers. These are truly the most comfortable patient transport vehicles on the road.
  • Our services are designed around the needs of the patient
  • Our vehicles are clean, safe, comfortable and dependable
  • Our vehicles have the most up-to-date safety features
  • Our drivers comply with patient confidentiality
  • Our drivers will be identifiable in a neat red uniform with our company logo
  • Our drivers are dependable and considerate of the riders needs
  • The company will be there when they say they will
  •  All our vehicles are clean and smoke free
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